Make shopping simple, fast and social

Gridthis is a smart button that lets you store, organize and compare stuff you want to buy

Gridthis is an easy-to-use tool that gives customers a step up when it comes to surpassing the search process for swifter, more informed decisions. As a website owner it may be obvious to you that your customers already benefit from the Gridthis button. This is by no means the end of the story, however, as there's a lot more potential for gain. Gridthis has been specially designed to support key elements that will help you to fulfill your most important business ambitions.

Increase overall customer satisfaction

Gridthis helps consumers to make decisions faster

Every time a customer finds an interesting product or deal, he/she can save it using the Gridthis button. Gridthis initially focuses on four key elements to make the decision and purchasing process more intuitive. First, we bring consumers functionality when it comes to saving interesting products for future reference in a uniform, serene and personal space called the Grid. Secondly, we bring customers the ease of clear-cut comparison, including extended product details such as shipping/delivery costs and flight times for travel products. Furthermore, Gridthis encourages users to use their social environment to enhance the buying process. And last, but not least, Gridthis is an independent platform that gives customers the freedom to shop when and wherever they want.

Increase Returning Visitors

Gridthis re-targets your visitors and boosts non paid traffic

Once visitors click the Gridthis button, they will view the products that have been saved on their personal Grids. Here, your product and brand will always be visible, just where it increases the likelihood of visitors returning to your site. When your visitors add another product from another webshop, they will automatically view your brand again in the personal Grid, directly stimulating traffic to return. Gridthis therefore constitutes an entirely natural form of retargeting, one that acts not as a spy, but in an organic and customer-friendly way. Gridthis provides an alternative retargeting solution that is thoroughly effective and entirely free.

Multiply sales and brand awareness through Facebook

Gridthis enables social marketing and stimulates interaction

A great opportunity stems from incorporating a user's social graph into the purchasing process on your site. When people consider the purchase of a new TV, appliance or vehicle, where do they turn for inspiration and advice? Most people consult friends and relatives, and carefully consider the opinions of those they trust. People also study the opinions of other online users. If people are part of a circle of trusted friends within a forum or on Facebook then they consult their peers via that. The trust inherent within these groups gives weight to recommendations and is known to greatly influence the purchasing process. By encouraging visitors to share links to your site and act as an example to other users with social graphs, you provide your business with tremendous opportunities for increasing sales and traffic. The Gridthis Button enables you to profoundly integrate your company when it comes to these important social features.

Increase traffic from other platforms

Gridthis users interact with their saved results whenever and wherever they like

Integrating a Gridthis button to your website allows for the instantaneous and effortless sharing of products from the Gridthis website to other devices. From now on, users will be able to view their saved products on a laptop or an android device, iphone, blackberry or symbian based smartphone. The simple structure of the Gridthis service and its specialized platform approach gives everybody a practical solution wherever they go and whenever they need it. The ease with which customers can show their selected products on, for example, an iPad to their partner when it's late in the evening and they're relaxing on a sofa is a large part of its consumer appeal. And it's important to think about all the extra traffic to be gained from the vast number of mobile users.

Did you know that it's free?

Gridthis is intended to be a constant feature of the Internet, allowing online shops both small and large to operate within a more intuitive framework. Accordingly, the full functionality of Gridthis is free to all online shops. In the future we're planning to launch paid packages for online shops that are likely to include extensive statistics and ongoing engagement with opted-in consumers, as well as API access.