• Make shopping simple, fast and social Make shopping simple, fast and social.

    Gridthis is a smart button that lets you store, organize  and compare stuff you want to buy. More

  • Increase overall customer satisfaction Increase overall customer satisfaction.

    Gridthis helps consumers to make faster 
     decisions. More

  • Increase Returning Visitors Increase Returning Visitors.

    Gridthis re-targets your visitors 
     and boosts non paid traffic. More

  • Multiply traffic and brand awareness through Facebook Multiply sales and brand awareness through Facebook.

    Gridthis enables social marketing and 
     stimulates interaction. More

  • Increase traffic from other platforms Increase traffic from other platforms.

    Gridthis users interact with their saved 
     results whenever and wherever they like.

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The Gridthis button allows users to easily save your products together with extensive product details. When a user clicks the Gridthis button via your application, it appears in the user's personal Grid as an instantaneous link back to that location.

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Did you know it's free?

Gridthis is intended to be a constant feature of the Internet, allowing online shops both small and large to operate within a more intuitive framework. Accordingly, the full functionality of Gridthis is free to all online shops.

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