About Us

Is online shopping convenient enough for you? By our reckoning it can be made much easier with Gridthis, our nifty new add-on.

Gridthis is a simple website add-on that lets you store, share, organize and compare stuff you want to buy, whether you shop from your computer, tablet or phone. When you spot a desirable product or an appealing offer, you can activate the Gridthis Button with just one click from the web shop's page. This automatically organizes and enhances the products you've seen in a personalized Grid, to help you make better and more informed purchasing decisions.

Convinced? If you aren't, then please imagine the simplicity Gridthis provides when it comes to, say, booking your next holiday. You search your favorite travel websites, and when you find interesting deals you simply click the "Gridthis button". This enables you to compare various trips with ease in your personal Grid, including details like flight times, hotel details and overall costs. If you're traveling with your partner or with friends then you can share your trips, ask for advice or invite them to join and plan your trip together.

Do you use our service? Please tell us how you find it, we won't stop until you'll love it. :)

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